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About Track and Consillia Limited

Objectives and Rail Capabilities

Track is the railway web trading portal of Donfabs & Consillia Limited and focuses on providing professional and innovative solutions to customer specific requirements in the measurement of railway track parameters, infrastructure and ride performance areas. This is complemented by the Company’s range of track utility and rescue vehicles. It is the Company's objective to work with its customers to ensure that the solutions provided, meet customer specification, are cost effective, include state of the art technology yet still meet the stringent safety standards required on today’s railway networks.

The supply and success of our range of railway monitoring and measurement solutions has led to many requests for equipment to be specifically built to fulfil custom applications, for example, “to provide a method of transporting personnel to vehicle accident sites where time is of the essence”. Consillia is aware that there are occasions when standard “off the shelf” equipment does not meet these specific requirements. To help address this shortfall, the Company provides solutions to individual applications or adapts existing products to meet customer requirements.

Company Background

Consillia was formed in 2006 to develop and expand a long established rail business. With a foundation built on over 25 years of experience, and the quality and determination to achieve solutions for customers in a timely fashion, Consillia’s background was firmly based as a leading worldwide provider of Railway Measurement and Monitoring equipment. 

Donington Fabrications was established in 1974 to provide a specialist metal fabrication service to local industry in the West Midlands and was the primary manufacturer for all of the metalwork that provided the basis for Consillia's equipment.

Following a merger in 2008 with Donington Fabrications Ltd, the company reformed as Donfabs & Consillia Limited.

Based in Shardlow, Derbyshire, Donfabs and Consillia has extensive facilities for the design, development and manufacture of a broad range of railway measurement and monitoring solutions.  The location also has the benefit of its own in house railway line which is invaluable for both production testing and service and calibration purposes, ensuring that all equipment that leaves the premises accurately meets strict measurement parameter.






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Registered Office: Donfabs & Consillia Limited, The Old Iron Warehouse, The Wharf, Shardlow, Derby, DE72 2GH. No: 05465857