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Electric Track Trolley for Rail Inspections and
Track Maintenance (2 person)


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 Motorised Electric Rail Trolley - (MEC-2)

Developed using the successful MEC-4 splitting cart technology, the MEC-2 electric track trolley is a cost effective method of performing rail inspections and also for transporting 2 people and their equipment for track maintenance.  This rail cart, capable of transporting 2 people is part of a family of equipment that shares common components and concepts to combine flexibility of units with reduction in capital expenditure. For example, the front half of the MEC-2 is the same as the front half of the MEC-4, which allows two different types of vehicle to be created using only three major components, one common front half and two different rear halves.  Each half of the unit is small enough to enable easy movement through areas where space is restricted, and the mechanical interlocking system allows quick and safe assembly on site.

The MEC-2 and MEC-4 track vehicles have been designed to ensure a long operational life cycle. The units combine simplicity of design with ease of servicing which allows for a low through life cost. The equipment has been stress tested, using finite element analysis, for a design life of 15 years. The use throughout of aluminium has ensured that weight is kept as low as possible which negates any corrosion issues and allows for ease of transportation with multiple units being able to be shipped on a single road trailer electric_rail_carttowed behind an average car.


  • Vehicle splits for easy handling through restricted areas such as escalators or station environments

  • Drive in either direction using the control panel

  • Towing capability up to 1,000Kg (multiple trailers)

  • Transport 2 people plus tools

  • Battery powered with auxiliary battery packs for extended use

  • Large removable, lockable toolbox

  • 2 padded seats with seatbelts

A 4 person derivative is also available, the MEC-4, which has a towing capacity of 2,000Kg using the MTRL range of trailers






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