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 Road / Rail Height Measurement using the Side Level Measuring Trolley - SLMT-D

The Side Level Measuring Trolley (SLMT-D) is a lightweight self-contained instrument for measuring the variation in height of material surrounding embedded rails in urban transport systems and rail / road crossings. The SLMT-D facilitates recording of rail height and Keeper rail height compared to the surrounding infill material for maintenance and safety monitoring. When using the SLMT-D under non-possession conditions it can easily be lifted from the track during a measurement task and returned to the track following the passing of a train.

The equipment produces a hard copy profile of 5 side level and 1 Keeper rail measurement on the integral 100mm wide thermal recorder. Additionally all measurements are stored digitally on a PCMCIA memory card in order to allow offline analysis within a PC environment. Operation of the instrument is by simple mechanical and digital parameter setup using the LCD display and keypad which is mounted in a waterproof pod on the side of the recorder. All data recording is distance based and therefore is independent of the speed of travel.


  • Measures 5 separate road surface heights around the running rail plus keeper rail height

  • All data written to integral chart recorder and simultaneously stored to a memory card

  • Variable positioning for measuring rollers +0, +10, +20 mm from datum

  • Laser marker for accurate start position.

  • All recording is distance based

  • Lightweight, robust and one person operation

  • Battery powered - all charging equipment supplied with the unit






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