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Track Geometry and Ride Comfort Equipment Hire

Donfabs & Consillia is aware that there are applications for example, one off or short term requirements where it is not practical to invest large sums in capital expenditure. To assist its customers the Company has made available some of its track geometry and ride comfort equipment for hire. All equipment is shipped in heavy duty packing cases, is calibrated before despatch and is supplied with basic consumables such as recording paper or memory cards.  Additional supplies can be ordered with the hire of the unit.  Technical support is also provided for the period of hire.

Track Geometry Equipment:

  • SGMT5 Track Recording Trolley

  • CRT Corrugation Recording Trolley

  • PTST-C Portable Track Survey Trolley

  • DMT Distance Measuring Trolley

Ride Comfort Equipment

  • Mactrack Vibration Monitoring System

  • Macminder Ride Comfort Monitoring Systems

  • VTAS Software Package

Motorised Rail Cart Systems

  • MEC-4 Electric Rail Trolley (4 Seat)

  • MEC-2 Electric Track Trolley (2 Seat)

  • MTRL-1 - Rail Trailer for use with MEC-4 and MEC-2






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