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Careers within Track Geometry and Donfabs & Consillia Limited

At Donfabs & Consillia, our staff are the main key to the Company's success.  Recruited from a wide variety of industry, our staff have varied perspectives, and a wealth of experience across a broad spectrum of jobs.  Their skill and dedication fuels the creativity that allows Donfabs & Consillia to remain the worldwide leader for Railway Measurement, Ride Performance Monitoring and Track Utility Vehicles

Donfabs & Consillia Limited is committed to a policy of Equal Opportunity for all.  This means that no Employee or Potential Employee will be treated less favourably than any other on the basis of race, colour, ethnic origin, religion, nationality, sex, marital status, age or disability.  Every Employee or Potential Employee will be assessed on the basis of their ability and merits in relation to their position. No one will be disadvantaged by a condition or requirement which is not justified by the genuine needs of the job.






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