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Switch  Profile Measurement, Rail Head Profile and Rail Straightness Gauges

switch_profile_guageSwitch X-Y Profile Measurement Gauge

This (X-Y) gauge is used to measure the transverse sections of switch elements and characteristic points of frogs and half of a pair of switches. The operator guides the spherical measuring tip along the inspected surface and its trajectory is stored in the electronic memory.  This is large enough to store several dozen measured profiles.  The device may be used for planning maintenance of switches, commissioning the scope and quality of repair work carried out by service providers and for the supervision of the operation of switches.

Rail Head Profile Gauge

The rail head profile gauge is designed for accurate measurement of the rail head transverse section.  The main application of this gauge is commissioning of track grinding jobs, according to the requirements of the relevant technical specifications.  The accuracy, necessary in this case is ensured by employing the laser based measurement method and the mechanical drive of the measurement probe. About one hundred profiles can be stored in the gauge electronic memory.  The gauge is supplied with a beam making it possible to position the device correctly in respect to the track.

rail_straightness_gaugeRail Straightness Gauge

The gauge is designed for straightness measurement of welds, joints and insulated joints in two planes. The gauge also makes it possible to assess waviness in the vertical plane, including the assessment for lengths exceeding the device body length.  The gauge body houses the graphical user interface enabling the device operator to communicate with the microprocessor based control system of the gauge.  After the measurement has been completed, the measured profile along with its assessment are shown in the display.





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